Part time jobs in Surat – Email Sending Jobs

Surat is a beautiful city in the Indian state of Gujarat,  is also known as the ‘city of the sun’.

So, for the people of Surat, we have an exciting part time job where you can earn up to 15,000 Rs per month by just sending some emails! It would only take a minute from your precious time to send an email and get paid Rs 5 for every email you sent where you can send up to 100 emails a day! Which sums up to be such an easy way to earn this much money with bare minimum effort.

The basic requirement of this part time home based job holds no limits, which is one of the best advantages. Be it a teacher, student or anyone who is capable of sending emails can apply for this job and get paid from a comfortable spot from your own home. You ll have to pay 850 rupees as registration fees.

The Internet is one of the most used and accepted technologies all over the globe and our company uses this up to its maximum by making such an incredible opportunity. The requirement of the internet in your workplace is needed for this job to be done right. So you have to make sure that you have a good internet connection.

You should own and also know how to use a computer, laptop or a smartphone because all of the work is done via it. Without it, the job cannot be done. So any person with the ability to use any of the gadgets mentioned above, know how to work online as well as send emails is absolutely right for this job.

So in simple words, to earn Rs15000 per month for people of Surat in such an easy and efficient way by only sending some emails is an excellent opportunity not to be missed. So if you meet our little requirements, you are all good to apply even right now.